Robert Ludlum's The Moscow Vector: A Covert-One Novel by Robert Ludlum, Patrick Larkin, Erik Bergmann (2007)

A story so stereotypical, that it almost feels OK. We got Jon Smith, the super agent, and Randy the female counterpart. Helping them is another very attractive female. On the other side, we got the bad boys in the Kremlin, a rogue Serbian born billionaire, an East-German born biological weapons scientist and ex-Stasi and other trained killers on their payroll. The one intriguing idea worthy of Michael Crichton, is the personalized biological weapon, which only attacks the intended victim as targeted by DNA. With all told, another world shattering confrontation is averted. Might be enjoyed as in car listening.


Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith (2008)

From the harrowing opening pages, through the surprising ending, the detective story (as "inspired" by Andrei Chikatilo's crimes) is an engulfing read. But what makes this an outstanding book, is the recreation of the all permeating fear as the essence of the Stalinist state terror. If you happen to think, that a big and strong government is good for the citizenry, this book might offer some discussion topics.