The Courage to Be Rich: Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance by Suze Orman (1999)

This fat book has lots of psychobabble and offers little content otherwise (although some details around marriage legalities, as related to money and property, annuities, (Roth) IRA, one may find useful). I kinda feel sad for the American public, who after finished reading this book might feel more confused about their finances than before, may decide that they do need to hire a financial advisor, like Suze herself. Considering her original background as a stock broker (one wonders what was her track record ...), her views of the investment world are surprisingly limited, by almost narrowing "investments" down to one's own house and to buying US Treasury securities. Hopefully this is just a reflection of honesty and integrity, as there are quite a few brokers, who do keep their own funds in US Treasury securities, while pitching much riskier investment to their own clients ...

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