Where Have All the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca (2007)

So here is a book of rants by Mr. Iacocca on everything from politics, through running (auto) companies, Chinese industrial competition, US national debt, oil dependency and the US healthcare crisis, to what should rich people do in their retirement. While many of the issues brought up are real, one wonders, how Mr. Iacocca, hobnobbing with other elected and non-elected leaders, including Fidel Castro, Mr. Clinton, Al Gore, Prince Charles, other ex-presidents, CEOs, an the like and by his own admission helping to elect the current President Bush and being offered and ambassadorship by his administration, blackmailing the US government to save a private corporation, and contribution to the same oil dependency in all his career in the US auto industry, is to be part of any solutions, but he definitely seems to be part of the problem ...

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