Why Software Sucks...and What You Can Do About It by David S. Platt (2006)

If you wonder how a book with a provocative title, and with an endorsement from the author's barber (sic.) would turn out, the book is all right. While the author displays a somewhat limited view of the worlds (based on him being a Microsoft software legend, basically a book author with lots of copies sold), concentrating with strong humor (and a few haikus) mostly on web site annoyances and Microsoft products. He does pinpoint the main reason, software sucks because the developers do not know (or maybe do not care) about who is the real user, and what the real user is trying to accomplish using the software. Or maybe this is just the geeks taking it out on the jocks for all that suffering in high school? Can you do something about this? Certainly, complain (maybe to C* level executives at the offending companies), vote with your purse and spread the word.

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