(Used) book/CD/DVD swapping/exchange sites

TitleTrader (Over 70,000 Swaps pay shipping when sending books)
BookCrossing (leave your books in public places and see who gets them)
PaperbackSwap (780 thousand books free pay shipping when sending books)
BookMooch (free pay shipping when sending books)
FrugalReader (free pay shipping when sending books)
WhatIsOnMyBookShelf (free pay shipping when sending books)
ReadItSwapIt (U.K.)
BookIns pay $3.99 for each book received (site is the middleman)
BookSwap for trading textbooks

Sci-fi Book Swapping

Text book exchange
Debbie's Idea (helps to figure out which book to read from an unfamiliar author)
Swap Simple (fees waved for cheaper items, fee $2.00 per trade, books, DVD, video games)
LibraryThing (catalog your books online)
PeerFlix pay $0.99+postal fee for each DVD received 200 thousand titles (PeerBux ~$5.00 or receive for each DVD sent)
LendMonkey (fee $1.00/trade, books, music, DVD, 1346 items)
SwapShop (books, music, DVD, video games)
Swaptree (founded in 2004, books music, DVD, video games)
Cell Trade USA (sell/buy cell phone contracts)
RESELLULAR (sell/buy cell phone contracts)
SwapThing (swap anything)
Lala (CD exchange ~$2/per CD)

SwitchPlanet (DVD/CD/Games/Books)

bookins (pay 4.49 shipping on books received)

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Bocceplaya said...

Dear neweclectic,

Swaptree is opening to the public on July 4th. In preparation for the launch, we are tryng to get some knowledgable people in before then to get as much feedback as we can.

We would be really excited if you wanted to join our beta and let us know what you think. For an invitation, just e-mail betainvite@swaptree.com.

Hope to hear from you,
Paul Batten

Swaptree, Inc.
5 Broad Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 624-3804 ext. 201
f (617) 624-3808