Invest Like a Shark: How a Deaf Guy with No Job and Limited Capital Made a Fortune Investing in the Stock Market by James "RevShark" DePorre (2007)

I was expecting to see lots of hype from this book, as the author is a known associate of "Mad Money" Jim Cramer. The author does develop a sensible idea: the whales of the markets are so big, that it is not possible for them to cover their own tracks and by looking for those tracks, you might be able to join in into smart market action. List of rules and behaviors of the sharks are offered, together with little jabs towards hedge funds and the "Mad Money" Jim Cramer himself, discussion on why the traditional Wall Street advice on investing for the long run and the like are bad for small investors, with cutesy classification of investor shark styles. Unfortunately, little detail and examples are provided on how to identify those whales of the market, basically turning a second half into an infomercial of the author's site. (Unless you count those references to 30 and 50 day moving averages, support and resistance areas and the like, which I certainly hope for his subscriber's sake does not constitute the whole approach ...) One certainly wonders, why somebody who as per his own admission is (or maybe just was??) able to make several million dollars of profit a year in the markets, would bother with running a subscription based website, but again the good explanation is that it is nice to receive income with minimal investment (for running a site) and not risking one's own funds in the market. At least the small print on the site spells it out clearly: "Shark Investing, Inc., which owns and operates www.sharkinvesting.com and the Sharkfolio for James and Jeanette DePorre, is an affiliate of Shark Asset Management, LLC ("SAM"). SAM is managed by a SEC registered investment adviser that provides individual investment advice to clients in a managed fund. As such, SAM has a fiduciary obligation to its clients, but not to the subscribers of sharkinvesting.com. The information presented in Shark Alerts is general information for educational purposes for active traders. The information provided should not be considered investment advice. In addition, the advice that is provided to clients of SAM is different from the information discussed on the site." Maybe one would want to become a real client instead of subscribing there ...

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