Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Investor's Road Trip by Jim Rogers (2003)

It must be nice to be able to travel the world and throw money at the various places forgotten by everybody, and come back ten years later and check the results. Mr. Rogers lined up with the latest Tabitha just does exactly this. Some of us have really big balls, Mercedes has given him two expensive cars for free as "advertising", while multiple places in the book it is explained that in most of the world, Mercedes is the car of choice for strong man, drug dealers and the other menace to society, and they are likely to be paid for with monies gotten from the American taxpayers. I'm not sure how much goodwill was generated here, but pulling this off seems like a trait of a good trader. It is suprising (or maybe not ...) to see how much disorganization and corruption there is all over the world, except the first world countries and a selected few others, even a basic border crossing involves lots of haggling, and likely bribes of some sort.
Otherwise his ideas and analysis are respectable, and likely a moneymaker, especially considering his investment staying power.

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