Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth by Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen (2005)

If you want to waste some time listening to questionable business advice sprinkled with the "No money down/I will sell this house today" real-estate style peptalk, than here is your chance. Maybe you would even decide to signup for some seminars from the authors. Business advice received from imaginary advisors may not do much good, and the mention of the one(!) example of a great success following this "method" is not very convincing. Sure, Google's business grow exponentially, but this has no relation to how the businesses of the poor souls trying to follow the vague advice would grow the same way. No wonder that 90%+ of new businesses fail, considering the advice received from books like this ... The somewhat value ideas presented were regarding (charitable) giving and business related tidbits. But whatever goodwill I had for the Chicken Soup for the Soul is all gone In particular based on the discussion how to create market segment based chicken soup books, should a book for the soul be one, or maybe just a few ...), even considering the assumed "good intentions" this book was prepared with.

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