Chew On This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food by Eric Schlosser, Charles Wilson (2006)

The title here says at all. In this (maybe young adult oriented) book, the history of fast food from its humble beginnings by Hamburger Charlie to today's cooperation between Disney and McDonalds (both caterers to mass demands) and their grip on the US school food systems and in particular the bad health effects on the Alaskan Yupiks, unappetizing details provided as to the preparation of various fast (junk?) food including the disturbing details of growing and slaughtering of chickens, cows and pigs (in the best traditions of The Jungle) and the health problems associated with eating fast food regularly. The low paid workforce performing grueling work also inspires little confidence in the quality of service offered. After reading, you will be less eager to stop for your fast food fix, guaranteed. The final advice of the book is: "It is still not to late to walk OUT of the fast food place"

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