State of Fear by Michael Crichton (2004)

I didn't like the reading of the book (all woman presented had the same "intonations" ...), but the book itself is excellent. Makes you see in a different light "the facts" you are hearing on global warning, climate change and other issues pushed by academics, wealthy fanatics and their well endowed foundations, who all seem to be having an excellent time flying around the world (in many cases in private jets) to visit fundraisers and do their best to infuse fear into the general population of the climate events, while getting their own pictures on the pages of various magazines and earning excellent salaries (in some cases paid for by government funding). Would these people be willing to defend their turf by trying to cause some of these climate events themselves? As per the prologue, by Mr. Crichton's calculations, the people induced component of the global warming is well below 1 °F for the next hundred years, and being dwarfed by the natural cooling and warming cycles of the earth. Recommended.

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