Winning Through Intimidation by Robert J. Ringer (1973)

This is a somewhat different book from the later books of Mr. Ringer. Read this as a ready-made recipe on becoming a top-end real estate (or maybe even other kind of) broker. After taking classes at and graduating from the Screw U(niversity), it is established that there are three kinds of business people you interact with, the first is out for your blood and does not hide it, the second is out for your blood and hides it well, and the third says that he is not out for your blood and gets you at the end when lulled into relaxing, but all of them want to pay you zero commissions, and preferably make you do a lot of work for free. Steps to success:
+ Move from being intimidated, to being the intimidator yourself
+ Make sure that you have legal standing, sign contracts establishing relationships early.
+ Be a member of the "union" (as many states require to pay real estate brokers participating in transactions, even if there was no written agreement).
+ Participate in the closing with your own lawyer.
+ And it also helps if you are flying around in your personal LearJet :)
The interesting number from the book, is that the author earned about 3% commissions, which is not near the 6% "customary" at the time.

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